This is a rare yoga place to find!

Even though ashtanga yoga is known for its physically demanding practice, you will find a soft and individualized approach to ashtanga yoga here – for both beginners and experienced students. The studio has a really nice and calming atmosphere and Martyna is an experienced teacher with a lot of empathy to guide you through your practice. Her hands-on adjustment and assists don’t only give you a solid physical alignment but also show you a way how to be gentle, aware and non-judgmental in your own practice. I am so sad I don’t live closeby, but will definitely come back!


Highly recommend this studio! Martyna is a great teacher! So calm and relaxed. I always thought Ashtanga was too strong for me but I was so wrong:) so glad I joined Martyna’s classes! Thank you!


Nice and cozy place right in the centre of beautiful lucerne. Martyna is an experienced teacher and always gives very good adjustments. Also enjoy a good tea & chat after the practice.
Definitely worth checking out. A must for Ashtangis!


Great Yoga Teacher & Studio.
Martyna is a great teacher and a real yogi. Her teaching style is perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts. I have tried quite a few yoga studios and teacher and for me Ashtanga Yoga Luzern is perfect.


Martyna is an amazing teacher. She spent many years in India learning her craft and is one of the most devoted teachers and yoga practitioners that you can encounter.


I love love love this yoga shala! It’s such a calm and beautiful space to practice. Martyna’s adjustments are very gentle and feel so good and they improved my forward folds a lot. Thank you Martyna for providing this beautiful space and your teaching.


I started practicing Ashtanga yoga with Martyna 4 years ago. Back then I had terrible recurring back and knee pain that were going away after medical massages only to come back again. Now that I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga regularly, I forgot what back or knee pain is! This type of yoga is really beneficial for body and soul especially when practiced in this beautiful studio with the amazing teacher Martyna. The adjustments that she gives not only feel amazing but also help to deepen and progress in your practice.


Martyna is a great yoga teacher! I’m always looking forward to being in Lucerne and joining her classes. She gives very gentle and helpful adjustments as well as tips to improve my practice.

The studio is cosy but minimalistic with a very welcoming atmosphere, located right in Lucerne’s city center. A great place to calm my mind during yoga practice.