Ashtanga Led

Ashtanga Led

In this class the teacher guides the group through Primary Series – the first and the most important sequence of Ashtanga Yoga, known for its therapeutic qualities. Apart from the yoga poses, students learn how to connect the breath with the movement into a flowing meditative practice.

The class is adjusted to different levels, so both students with little experience and more advanced ones are welcome. If you have no experience in Ashtanga or yoga whatsoever, I suggest you join Ashtanga Led I class first – there we work on the basic standing and sitting poses and we learn all the basics needed to have a safe and grounded Ashtanga Yoga practice. In Ashtanga Led II we practice at least a half of the Primary Series or a few poses more. 

Full Primary Led Class

Every first Sunday of the month I teach a full Primary Series led class. Because we do the whole sequence,  the class is meant for students with some experience in Ashtanga Yoga (at least with the first half of Primary Series, “Ashtanga II” in our schedule). 

The class takes two hours, but the last 20-30 minutes are intended for a short Pranayama and Meditation session. You are very welcome to join if you are interested, otherwise you can leave after the led class is over around 10.30.

Please sign up for this class if you want to join.

Price: 40 CHF or 10 CHF additionally to any valid AYL pass. No trial classes possible.